Totem Toti

The results are in, and the media is dissecting them in its usual partisan way.  The regionals have been decided thus – its was 6 each to the left and the right, and it is now 10-2 in favour of the Democrats.  According the most of the press, this is a resounding defeat for Renzi, bacause 2 million few people turned out to vote.   The one victory of the right was in Liguria, where Toti – the ex news director of Berlo’s TG4, and euro deputy, has had all the publicity and money thrown at him and succeeding in ousting the sitting PD governor.  For Silvio this is a resounding victory and shows that Italy still wants him at the helm.  But, while Toti may be governor, he doesnt have a majority on the council, as the M6S have made huge gains – a fact which has been totally ignored  by all the media.  In stead they concentrate on the Lega Nord Salvini vote which has effectively proved them to be the dominant voice of the centre right.   While Silvio crows over his victory, he forgets that overall the FI party took between 6 and 9% of the vote – truly appalling and in a resounding 4th place in many regions.

Italy has need of him he says- as Salvini is an extremist and only he can hold a right wing coalition together.  His problem is that very few of FI supporters agree with him.  Even in Puglia, the breakaway Fitto scored more votes than the official FI candidate.  Steptoe needs to break out of his closeted circle of yes men and accept that the right needs to sort itself out – as the only factions making gains are the Lega and the ex fascist AN.  A UKIP factor at work.  The left is proving more effective at destroying the PD than the opposition parties, which is working itself up for a new implosion and total collapse of government.

In the meantime, Renzi is hoping to win the 2024 Olympics for Rome – The only people applauding will be the Mafia, Ndrangheta nad Camorra who will see lots of money coming their way.


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