Hear that? its the scraping of the barrel.

‘You know the saying – if there’s a cow, milk it, but remember you have to feed it too.   These words of wisdom come from the latest public enemy No 1 – Salvatore Buzzi who has emerged as a central figure in Mafia Capitale – which has resulted in further 10’s of arrests over the last few days.

This latest money making wheeze which involved politicians of all colours, and some whisper a few clergy too,  rakes in 1 billion euros a year on the backs of migrants.   For all those landing in Italy who claim asylum the Italian government gives 35 euros a day for their care.  This money goes to charities and associations who provide housing, care centres, food as well as the famous ‘ pocket money’.  This 35 euros can, with a little help, be inflated to 45 euros per day.  And so it has been that organised criminals have been earning very well on the migrants – and only spending 2 euros a day on their care. not only that, but immigration centres all over Italy are affected, with tenous contracts and non existent migrants all swelling the coffers of the various mafias.

Now, with a further 50.000 arrivals the north is refusing to accept more migrants, and threatening a civil war of words.

It would be churlish to insinuate that the people trafficking is not coming from Africa, but from Italy – as the migrant is only the means to legitamately earning big money from the government and the limitless coffers of the EU.   The boat ‘capitains’ who are arrested work for people who work for people but nobody has yet dared say the truth, which is that Italians themselves are responsible for the situation – though whether such criminals care about their nationality is dubious.

Meanwhile the pope has opened a homeless peoples shelter round the back of St Petes, which is nice.  beds for 35 homeless and meals and showers.  Its tough to fault the man.  Obviously if he were to sign over the 1 billion a year the italian governmnet gives him to help the migrants it would be seen  to be a really Christian ‘good thing’ – but you cant help suspect that if he were to tear up the lateran treaty, he wouldnt see the weekend.

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