History Repeating

There’s been a shift of emphasis, seeing that the Berlo tragedy is now being played out across the pond.  Italians are all rather placid about the Yuge handed one, becuase they’ve seen it all before.   Blatant lies which are denied the following day notwithstanding video evidence,  cries of politicised judges,  laws ad personam, presenile dementia,  a budding bromance with Putin for personal gain, misogeny and liking for plastic totty,  narcissism and a fondness for gold leaf.    If America wants to see how this will play out they only have to study Italian history since 1990 – and see that in the end it will fizzle out in a plethora of court cases, bleating and ignominy.

At least here in Italy the old letch is no longer the centre of attention, despite some half hearted attempts.  Here we have thte resurgence of the otiose D’Alema – one time failed prime minister and professional collector of headed paper, who is desperately trying to be relevant and very important.  It all comes down to Renzi taking the mick out of him, which spurred him on to threaten schisms and new parties.   And now we have Gentiloni,  proud bearer of a heart operation only weeks into the job, and who is widely regarded as being the ventriloquist puppet for Renzi.

So heres the state of the parties:

PD – torn between old style left and new Labour – technically ar 40% in the polls but about to dissolve in acid tongued bitching

Forza Italia – still clinging on, at abot 8% with Berlusconi declaring he is the leader but banned from parliamentary elections and facing a new trial for subjugating the course of justice

Lega – Salvini allying himself with any old loud mouthed nutter in the hope of gaining a few votes – at around 14%

ex fascists – under meloni – inventing new names for various possible coalitions that will never happen

5Stelle – at 40% in the polls, but labouring with a collapsing government in Rome that has shown they’re not immune to scandal –

So all in all typical ITalians mix of 110% of parties with no election law in place that is legal and only a few months to go before this particular bunch of MPs have been ensconced long enough to get their pension rights – so its a fair bet there wont be an election before September.

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