This is the new Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni  – he’s been in the job for 2 months but nobody knows who he is.   While he presides over the disintegration of the Partito Democratico, an economy with growth lower than Greece, and A San Remo winning song that is sub telly tubbies we are told to rejoice for all the fantastic prospects that Italy enjoys.   Prime amongst these are the possiblity that a new pope will be elected by PR,   an innovation whcih will probably bring Francesco a mysterious illness or a serious fall.

Renzi has succeeded in pushing through a vote for a congress, which will, in all likelihood do a Corbyn on the Italian centre left and left, while  Silvio maintains that being a 80+ year old forgetful  multi billionaire is the perfect qualification, in these days of populism, to be at the head of a united right.   Except that everyone else doesnt agree.

Instead we are to focus on the coming of Spring and what to wear on the beach this year.


Author: rammers

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