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So Musumeci and the vast coalition of the right won Sicily,  with a combination of disparate groups who are already disagreeing.  The 5 Stars came second – a single party which had requested independent checks on the veracity of the election.   Within 24 hours, a newly elected deputy for the coalition had been arrested for tax evasion of nearly 2 million euros. HE is under house arrest, and has a further fistful of court cases in progress but that didnt stop him from becoming a candidate, nor taking the photo above, which shows him draped in the Sicilian flag, clutching a bible and a Pinocchio – which I interpret as being a narcissist who worships telling porkies.

Within the same period of time a gent from Catania had revealed that his mother, a bedridden old lady without the capacity to act, had miraculously signed the forms and voted in the elections, as had most of the bedridden patients in her care home.    Everybody tutted and carried on as normal.   In Messina, the son of a jailed mafioso  boss obtained a huge amount of votes and was elected saying that it was the will of his people.   There was tutting.  musumeci said that despite having lots of ‘unpresentables’ on his list, he could virtually guarantee that he didnt receive any votes from the criminal classes.    Only in the province of Ragusa 11 people were arrested for taking photos of their voting papers duly completed.

Musumeci declared that he wanted to be the President of all Sicilians – which sounds almost exactly what Trump said a year ago, and look where that’s got him.

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