Dont hold your breath

Its ten days since the terrible bridge collapse in Genova, and 2 years to the day since the earthquake that shook central Italy.   The powers that be in Genova insist they can rebuild the bridge in 8 months, and will submit a project in 5 days. This from a company which has had numerous technical reports over the last three years on the Morandi bridge detailing the perilous condition of the structure, only to commission a new one without acting on the evidence offered.

In central Italy they are still clearing debris.  Amatrice is still a mountain of rubble and there seems no firm plan on going forward.  We are told that the bureaucracy is causing delays, which begs the question, ‘why dont you streamline it then?’.

1000 people are still living in hotels 2 years on from the tragedy.  It seems the only people who are happy with the situation are those who make scaffolding.     

In the days after the earthquakes Italians could send an sms for 2 euros donating money to the affected areas.  They raised about 35 million euros, nearly all of which is sitting in a bank account ‘awaiting projects’.   Various comunes have submitted ideas for spending the money – from reopening a grotta to tourists shut since the 90’s, to restoring a abbey which houses a church school to making a nice new cycle track.    Not one cent has been spent on the people who are homeless and their towns.   The firm in charge of autostrade italiane wants us to believe they can demolish and build a safe bridge in the middle of a city in 8 months?


Author: rammers