Life in lockdown

It’s odd how many people seem to think that being in Sicily in the age of Covid19 means you just go to the beach.  If only.    Just day 3 of the lockdown and Im bored witless.  I have a long list of DIY tasks to do, but cant go and buy the necessary stuff,  nor can I nip to the library or buy a book.  Worst of all, in my little self commiserating bubble, is the inability to get a cup of coffee.   ‘Even in wartime the bars were open’ is a common refrain amongst the older Italians – the coffee may be have been made from twigs but at least the bar was open.   When I am allowed into a shop the coffee racks are depressingly bare.  I have resorted to buying another Italian staple – pocket coffee – a barrel of chocolate with a shot of espresso inside.



Author: rammers