Berlo’s back

As the politicial Freddy Kruger, (every time you think he’s dead, he comes back in a sequel) Silvio Berlusconi made a triumphal entry into Parliament yesterday, complete with photo-op with his plane landing on the tarmac in Rome.  Silvio has decided that its time for the country to unite behind Mario Draghi in a last ditch attempt to make his FI party newly relevant.   Obviously Silvio wants a post of national importance,  so the rest ofthe world can laugh at Italy promoting a mafia connected corrupt old letch into a position of power.   Its only 3 weeks ago that Berlo cried off his latest court appearance for under age prostitution because of his long term  health problems, but yesterday he was miraculously cured and able to pose for photos and hold a press conference.

Objectively, its an astute move.  Salvini (still eating all the pies) has pirouetted on a sixpence to become an ardent supporter of Draghi, and a pro European firm supporter of the euro, all in the space of 5 days and no doubt in the hope of a ministerial portfolio.  Meloni (the leader of the neofascists) has announced that her party won’t support Draghi because the country needs economic reform and investment.   Presumably she thinks Draghi will just sit in his office playing minecraft for a couple of years until the next elections.

Meanwhile Matteo Renzi – the architect of this shitstorm is doing the rounds of tv studios saying that it’s not fair that people hate him.    Let me explain.  Its not hate, its a deep loathing and revulsion that  explodes when you step in cat shit with bare feet.    We don’t hate you Matteo, we loathe you because you are a liar and a hypocrite.  You say you have the interests of the Italians at heart but we know you care only about yourself and your unbridled ambition.  You sneer at Conte because he ‘isnt a politician’ but you are, so you know more about double dealing, two faced hypocrisy than most.  Thats why we dont like you.  WE dont like your self satisfied sleight of hand, we dont like the fact that you talk about democracy while using your pitiful 3% of the vote to have a totally undemocratic influence issues of national importance.    While waiting for the next election and his party’s obliteration at the ballot box, Renzi is happiest lecturing us on why he is Italy’s saviour.  He has been to see Draghi and has offered unwavering support,  until he doesnt get the recognition he feels he deserves.

Author: rammers