It’s behind you !

One of the major pastimes in Italy is that of the art of dietrologia – roughly translated as the study of what lies behind it.  The Italian press is a master of this subject and can draw fantastical conclusions from a simple fact.   Given the history of Italian politics and subterfuge over the last 70 years, it should be a offered as a degree course in most universities.  Here are yesterday’s facts. – you can also try your hand…

  • Disgraced Cardinal Becciu employed a certain Signora Marogna to have dealings with the Italian secret service on behalf of the Vatican’s secret service.
  • She knows a top secret service bloke called Mancini who was ‘involved’ in the kidnapping and torture of imam Abu Omar
  • On 23 December, at the time of trying to topple the Conte government Matteo Renzi met Mancini for a ‘normal office’ meeting in the car park of an Autogrill north of Rome, where he was video’d talking for 40 minutes, exchanging Christmas wishes.
  • Renzi goes off on one because Conte wants to keep control of the secret service and not delegate it to someone else.  Renzi’s party resigns from government and Conte gives way to Draghi
  • Renzi knows about the video before the journalist reveals he has a video of Renzi talking to Mancini
  • Renzi has become the leading cheerleader of Saudi Arabia, and is a personal bestie of Prince Bin Salman al Sa’ud, a thoroughly decent bloke who had nothing to do with the brutal murder and slicing up of the journalist Khashoggi.

With just these 6 points you could write a tv series that would make Line of Duty seem like Emmerdale,  but  it would never get commissioned as it would be deemed implausible.

Author: rammers