The Dame is Game

Italian funny man Checco Zalone and Helen Mirren team up for a song to encourage people to get vaccinated. The theme is that if you get vaccinated you’ll be able to get back to going out on the pull.  It’s a typical Zalone song, near the knuckle and autoironic.   Here is a free translation of the lyrics to give you an idea of how game Helen Mirren is:
Her boobs have fallen but I dont care
Her ankles are swollen but I dont care
But when she moves – sensual and grace
It seems her hip hasnt been replaced.
I like dancing with you, oh vaccinated lady
Face to face with this old girl.
Immunised, I aim at your body…. of work
With our Astrazeneca antibodies tonight we’ll twerk
And it doesnt bother me what people say
Beause you can’t hear them anyway
And it doesnt bother me if I wake and am able
To find your teeth on the bedside table.
You’re a queen, a goddess, a mensch
When you’re in war, every hole is a trench
Oh vaccinated lady……
As a coda, there have been people who say Mirren is denigrating women by participating.  She responded by saying that she was honoured to work with Zalone, and found him funny and clever.   And, if it gets more young people to get vaccinated, that’s no bad thing.
Author: rammers