Do but Don’t

Italy’s bravura at making rules which are made to be broken comes to the fore again.

 You can get your second COVID vaccine while on holiday this summer.  Except that you shouldn’t.   The idea being that you should arrange your holidays to not be on the beach when your second vaccine is due.  If it is unavoidable, then you can have your second vaccine while on holiday.     The definition of ‘unavoidable’ is avoided.


Discoteques are to reopen.  You can go to a disco, queue to get in, pay, leave your stuff at the wardrobe and go to the bar.  You can get your drink and go onto the dancefloor.  But you arent allowed to dance.   What consitutes dancing is not specified.  It may be that tapping your foot is permitted, and perhaps playing air guitar is not frowned upon.   Shuffling round your handbag is dubious.   The conga will be stamped on.

Author: rammers