The sinner and Saint Raphael

There was once a humble multi billionaire who got caught perverting the cause of justice by paying off witnesses in a bunga bunga crime.  Fortunately for the sinner he had given large donations and government funds to a hospital during his time as beloved son and leader of his country.  Found guilty when the cock crowed the first time,  it was important to make sure his unblemished conduct would take him through to his deathbed, and every time he was called to testify for his new court case he called on San Raffaele to perform his miracle.  And lo, it was duly granted.  Seven times in a row, the sinner claimed legitimate impediment to avoid his day in court, booking himself into the hospital for tests.  And San Raffaele gave the sinner a 300mq, 9 room suite for his tests, with hairdresser and massages on tap.

And on the seventh occasion of his legitimate impediment the judges saw sense, and said – Verily we will suspend your trial until you feel better.  And this has nothing to do with the fact that you are a multi billionaire.  Go in peace and rest up because it may be that public sympathy for you is returning. Because you are old, and there are questions about a previous trial that found you guilty, as it may have been politically motivated.  Or not.

And the sinner replied, thanks to San Raffaele I can rehabilitate my name and who knows, even become president of the republic.  Even at my great age.   And the sinner went home rejoicing because it was probable that the trial would go on for years and he would never be found definitively guilty.


Author: rammers