Its No Joke

The parties of Salvini and Meloni, and obviously that of Berlusconi, yesterday announced officially that their candidate for President of the Repubblica is Silvio Bunga Berlusconi.   Under the arcane rules of voting, it is highly possible that the 84 year old ‘seriously ill’ Silvio could become the next president of Italy.   The left and the M5S have said they will not vote for him, but the requirement for a decisive majority decreases with every vote, and by the third secret vote, Berlo could be elected if a senator and one of the cleaners vote for him.    Obviously Silvio has been paving the way – giving presents and works of art to  the MPs and Senators to try and induce their favour.   As president he would be immune from prosecution,  a great help to a man who is currently in court for buying witnesses and various other imprisonable crimes.

The slithering Renzi has made this possible by being a go between, but yesterday stopped short of backing Berlusconi,  merely pronouncing with a straight face that it would be nice if there was consensus.  This from the most divisive man in politics since Machiavelli, who spends more time in corridors (and motorway service station car parks) than in the chamber, spouting vitriol and organising secret meetings and agreements.

A petition against this possible tragedy has reached a pitiful 215000 signatures in a month.   There is no public outrage, as the public know that the democratic will is roundly ignored by all politicians.  The figuraccia that Italy could well commit would stay with it for decades.

Author: rammers