Denis the Menace

 Its been a while since we’ve seen him,  he is after all under house arrest serving a six and half year sentence for fraudulent bankruptcy, but Denis Verdini keeps on schmoozing.    He’s been writing to his bezzy  dell’Utri – convicted mafia henchman of Berlo, as well as Silvio himself.  He is of course from Tuscany, and very friendly with Matteo Renzi.  His daughter happens to go out with Matteo Salvini, and Verdini remains a loyal friend to Berlusconi, which may explain his efforts to get Silvio elected President.   Not easy for someone who has to remain at home, but fortunately for Denis he’s allowed to go to Rome twice a month to see the dentist, which seems to encompass meeting lots of parliamentary people,  lunching, dining, shmooozing and using his son’s office to make lots and lots of very important phone calls.

Add to this Silvio’s latest plea to have his trial deferred on the grounds of psychological and neuro psychologial problems/health concerns, the Italians are having the piss royally ripped out of them.   Seeing that Berlo will need Salvini and Renzi to get elected President it seems that Verdini is being the gobetween – not bad for someone who is meant to be in prison.

Author: rammers