Wot no government?

Some weeks ago we had a general election.   We are still waiting for a government.   The usual months of putting together a viable coalition havent been necessary this time round, given the emphatic victory of the ‘centre right’, but Giorgia Meloni is learning very quickly that being in the position to take decisions is much more difficult than just shrieking ‘No,no’ from the opposition benches.

We are, however, promised a highly talented government filled with politicians and some ‘technicians’ appointed for their skills.   What we know thus far is that Silvio Berlusoni is going back to the Senate as an elected official despite his sorry legal record.   The lump of lard Salvini has been stamping his feet demanding an important role – initially Interior Minister and now sliding down the scale to the agriculture department.   However, they cant agree, and are giving Meloni a hard time.  So given that the allies cant even reach an accord on who does what, we shouldnt raise our hopes for a government which actually does much.  They are obviously taking Liz Truss as their blueprint.

Today we are likely to get the hyena La Russo as president of the Senate.  This is a travesty, even if you ignore the hairstyle and moustache.   His brother (another politician) has just been all over the news for making a fascist salute at a funeral a few weeks ago, and Ignazio (middle name Benito) said only a few weeks ago that ‘we are all heirs of Il Duce’.  If you’re still in doubt as to his credentials, he suggested at the beginning of Covid that ditching the handshake was fine – it could be replace with a fascist salute.

Sinking hearts can plummet further later today when we are promised the full list of ministers.


Author: rammers