Absolutely not fabulous

The repellent Daniela Santanchè, new minister of tourism under Meloni, is a political travesty.   Resembling a Jennifer Saunders caricature la santanchè has of late given her opinion of Italian beaches.   Here it’s important to know that she is/was a co-owner of Twiga – a ridiculously overpriced lido in Forte di Marmi- where she and her co-owner Briatore, charged 60 euros for a pizza.   Given the complete stitch up that is Italy, and the fact it  has kowtowed to organised crime and friends over the last 50 years,  a prime beach front lido site comes with a 12 year licence and costs, literally, a couple of thousand euros a year.    Obviously there are huge profits to made – variuos sources say that Twiga makes about 4 million on a risible investment.   They are also hotbeds of seasonal workers, who can work 7 days a week for about 18 hours a day, for negligible pay.  (Italy has no minimum wage)  Needless to say both la Santanche and Briatore loathe the state subsidy introduced by the 5star (now to be phased out by Meloni)  – because it means people no longer want to work for slave wages.

La Santanche has now weighed in on Italian free beaches.   It may be that in Rimini and Viareggio there are virtually no free beaches any more – but the law lays down that everyone should have free access to the sea,  and comunes must provide free beaches by law.   In the south, free beaches are everywhere.  Now Santanche wants them all to be given to private companies, as she maintains that free beaches are dirty and full of drug pushers.    Not only is this patently untrue, its also in direct opposition to the European directive on beaches – which Italy has ignored and is now being fined for non adeherence.

Her companion – the uncle fester lookalike on the left – is Sallusti, ex editor of the paper Il Giornale.   A pretty constant presence in court, house arrest, defamation trials and sentencing for his rocky relationship with the truth.   They are obviously made for each other.

Author: rammers