The Manouvre

It’s taken an eternity, but apparently la Meloni tells us it was done in record time.  On the last possible day before the fiscal sword would fall, the government has managed to pass a budget.  Given an overall majority this should not the hardest of tasks, but Europe had to approve it, and alot of the measures were seen as giving in to evasors, scammers and all round criminals.    Bearing in mind that the Uk has managed 2 budgets and 2 PMs in the same amount of time, it seems a bit slow on the part of the Italians.

Anyway, the terminatrix spent 4 hours in a press conference telling us all how political and right wing her budget is.    If she has to tell us, there’s something not altogether convincing in the package, but as of 1 Jan we will now have new income tax bands.  Nothing changes for the poor.   Not only does Italy remain one of the few countries which has no tax free earnings for the lowest income bracket – here you pay 23% from the first euro you earn – but even the income at which the rate changes remain static.   We go down from 4 to 3 tax bands, the biggest earners being those who earn between 35 and 50K p.a – a very good salary in Italy.

The other measures, apart from reducing the jobseekers allowance to its bare bones – (turn down a job and you lose the money.  That job can be any job, any where),  are mainly concerned with playing hardball with the NGO’s who land migrants  on Italian soil and reopening the infamous bridge to Sicily project which has already cost 900 million euros.

Author: rammers