The race to the bottom …

…. of the sea

In the red white and blue corner we have Rishi and his stop the boats slogans.  In the red white and green corner, there’s Meloni and her cohorts watching hundreds drown.

It’s difficult to decide which deserve the most opprobrium.  Meloni finally went to visit some of the survivors of the tragedy at Cutro last week, 10 days after  86 people died.  Her sympathy for them was confined to shaking their hands and asking ‘Do you know the risks of making the crossing?’.     One her henchman, the home office minister Piantedosi – one of the most antipathetic people ever seen on Tv outside a war crimes trial,  talked about the migrants as someone at a job interview.  Before making the attempt to flee your wartorn country to find a safe haven you should think, what can I offer the country where Im going to? 

Anyway, he says it’s irresponsibile parents who allow their children to flee, apparently.     The prize of being put on a dinghy in the middle of a stormy sea will be hard fought between Piantedosi and Suella.   

Meanwhile the prize of being a insufferable narcissistic arrogant piece of shit,  as always, goes to Vittorio Sgarbi.  Appearing on tv yesterday to celebrate fathers’ day with two of his children, who bizarrely weren’t mortified at being pictured with their father, Sgarbi offered the following exchange to the great Italian viewing public.

I don’t know when my children were born.   Was it 1999?

(daughter)  I was born in 2000

Well, be careful then, Ive heard that all women born in 2000 are sluts. 

His apology, after the commercial break, was that his assistant told him that.

Just to keep Sgarbi in the public eye, he has applied to be a councillor in Alto Adige – another post to add to the 11 he already holds including Minister of Culture.  He is obviously adept at either not doing any his jobs very well, or cloning himself into, perish the thought, various embodiments which can be present all over Italy at any one time.  

Author: rammers