Arian Grande

This is the blue eyed and blond haired Francesco Lollobrigida (yes, they are related) who is  minister for Agriculture – and sovranity of food (and forests). 

He lives in Rome with his blue eyed and blond haired daughters  and his wife, who just happens to be the sister of Giorgia Meloni.  Long time member of the far right, he is now the coordinator of Fratelli di Italia and Meloni’s right hand person.  

It has been calculated, that the poor birth rate in Italy will mean 9 million fewer Italians by 2100.   Obviously for those interested in perpetual growth, this is not a good thing, but Mr Lollobrigida doesn’t want to keep the numbers up with immigration, which will cause ‘ethnic substitution’  ie. Lots of black Italians.   Given how hard it is for immigrants to become Italians this seems unlikely, as even children of immigrants born in Italy are not citizens by right.   Instead  he would like to give huge subsidies to Italians to get them to have lots of unwanted children of the right colour.   It seems a bit rich to bang on about the theory of ethnic substitution from a man with plainly Northern European heritage.  Where do you draw the substitution line?  The Norman invasions?  The Napoleonic annexation?  Or perhaps after Helen Mirren bought in Puglia?

Meanwhile Il Meloni as she likes to be called, has been on a trip to Ethiopia.  Asked by reporters whether she had talked about colonialism, she replied that as she wasn’t part of the left wing press, it hadn’t been mentioned.   The tv and press coverage made the ‘colonial question’ seem like an exchange of letters between penpals, instead of a full scale ‘special operation’  by 200.000 Italian troops with chemical weapons who killed hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians, to take over a country and declare it part of Italy.    Ring any bells?  

Taking their leaves out of the Sunak/Trump/Bolsonaro playbook, any question about political standpoints is met with the tired old/left wing/ancient history/not me reply.  They are, they say,  looking to the future, but seem strangely reluctant to share their visions of it.  

Author: rammers