Be careful what you wish for

The shock resignation of the the head of RAI has led to the overt politicisation of the public broadcaster. Meloni is apportioning directors to her friends and allies – it’s always been pretty political – everyone knows that RAI 1 has been centrist, RAI 2 on the right and RAI 3 on the left, but now its getting personal.

The new DG will probably be Roberto Sergio, right winger, tweeter and fan of Orban, hater of Roberto Saviano and pretty overtly racist and loather of multiculturism. This could mean the cancelling or non renewal of contracts, so Report – the only decent journalistic programme on the telly could disappear. This wouldnt be surprising as they frequently show up politicians to be corrupt lying pieces of shit, so its not a popular programme in the halls of power. It is still worth saying that Report has never been found guilty in all the court cases brought against it by ‘outraged’ innocents. They do their homework and cast a cold light on the wordtwisting and silences both government and opposition use to their advantage.

This is only a taste of what could happen with an overtly political tv network. The alternative is Berlusconi land on Channels 4,5 and 6. For those in the Uk who want to ruin the BBC look at what the future could hold. The BBC has its faults, but it is still a beacon of hope in a democracy.

Author: rammers