Smug shots

Two exprisoners, both ‘politicians’ and both detained for crimed that should bar them from public office in pertpetuity. But we are in Italy, where memories are short.

First up Roberto Formigoni, see posts passim – who is still serving his sentence for corruption. He is currently out of prison and doing social service, the sentence ends at the beginning of next year, and he is already in talks to stand in the European elections in 2024, possibly for Meloni’s Fratelli di Italia, seeing that he has been dining of late with Ignazio La Russa.

Worse still is the case of Toto Cuffaro (above), who served 7 years for favouring the Mafia. He’s out and now is seen clutching the bible all too often. He was the head of the Sicilian New Christian Democrats – and as of yesterday is the capo of the National party, and has dropped the ‘New’ which means there are now two Christian Democrat parties doing the rounds. Given their ignominious history, as a party and as a criminal, Cuffaro said in February he had no intention of becoming a candidate, helped by a ban on standing for public office. How short the collective memory is – as a mere 3 months later he is now fully rehabilitated and ready to serve with the law being helpfully rescinded. Yesterday he had the gall to quote Martin Luther King when elected leader of the party.

Author: rammers