Ministry of Culture Wars

The repellent Daniela Santanche (minister of Tourism) has to answer to the House this week because of her diabolical business practices.  It seems she been buying up and asset stripping companies, as well as not paying her staff.  A damning exposé by Report has shown up her (and her various partners) practices of investments and running down the companies, either through massive incompetence or through deliberate mismanagement.  Either way, people are baying for her to be held accountable.  Meloni has declared her full trust in the Minister, which must be a prelude to her being ousted.  Unfortunately she is being allowed to address parliament, but nobody is allowed to ask any questions.

The equally repellent Vittorio Sgarbi – erstwhile art critic and multiple job holder has perhaps, finally, crossed the line.  He was at a public event at the weekend and entertained the audience with tales about his genitalia, the amount of women he has bedded,(1500 apparently)  and being generally repulsive.   When asked about his behaviour he said he was there as an actor and not as a minister.     Meloni is still to declare her full trust in the actor.   Its unlikely he will be asked to address the house.

Author: rammers