Last week La Santanche went to parliament to talk about her business as an entrepreneur and give her side of the story.    Decrying the campaign of hate against her, she winsomely announced that is is happy, because when she gets up in the morning and looks in the mirror, she likes what she sees.   So did Maleficent.  Perhaps more serious is that she lied to the house,  denying any investigation against her, at which point the council of justices promptly announced that she has been under investigation since last November.   

It couldn’t end well – the right wing government has now decided that a complete reform of the judicial system is imperative, not because it doesn’t work but because one of their own is under investigation.

Berlusconi spent 20 years trying to reform the system and failed.   Not that it doesn’t need reform,  its just that when politicians decide to act, its because they have been attacked.   It is particularly apt in the case of Berlusconi, as he wanted to change the current system which allows leaks and pretrial news so the case is dissected, discussed and judged before the defendant even appears in Court.    Silvio had built a tv empire on this, dedicating hours and hours of daytime tv to suggestion, hypothesis and snide comments about anyone ‘innocent until proven guilty’, but he didn’t like it when it was about him.  

Maleficent Santanche is the same, happy to slander and libel nearly everyone, she hasn’t been coping well when the spotlight is on her.  Not has La Russa – president of the Chamber, who appears to have been the lawyer for both parties in a particularly adept money laundering operation handled by Santanche.  It’s got worse this weekend because his son has been accused of rape.   This apparently is shocking and not allowed – though the son of Beppe Grillo is up on the same charges and that is ok according to the Fratelli of Italy.   It seems to me that over privileged young men with too much money at their disposal seem to think themselves untouchable.  

Not content with Sgarbi admitting he is a literal dickhead,  the latest sad episode for the Ministry of Culture involves the actual minister – Sangiuliano – who was a judge for the prestigious premio Strega – the equivalent of the Booker prize in Italy.   It seems that he didn’t bother to read the 5 finalists books, of which he was on the judging panel, and admitted it live on TV during the ceremony.  

Pissups and breweries are the words that come to mind.  In the meantime La Meloni is keeping a not so dignified silence about her execrable choices of minister, and is instead going round Europe being as unpleasantly extremist as the worst of the Polish and Hungarians who she has been cuddling up to over the last week. 

Author: rammers