Caring colonialism

The Vice Minister at the foreign office is one Sig Cirielli, ex carabiniere faithful ultra right winger.   He gave a talk the other day, which managed to show his total unsuitability for his office.   It shows how Meloni and her cabal manage to rewrite history to suit their aims. 

“The Italians, both in the pre fascist and fascist period, that is the Italian government in its 100 years of colonial history in Africa, built and created…. .  We are not by nature a people who go and pillage and plunder …..  Our cultural identity means We are not a people of pirates who go and steal from others 

We are a cultural civilising influence, it doesn’t exist in our mentality to go and create a desert which you call peace.”

His choice of history books seems to come down to the ones written by Mussolini’s henchmen.    I doubt whether the 250.000 murdered Ethopians would agree with him. 

Today la Santanche will face a vote of no confidence in the house.   Its unlikely she will lose, but the police investigation into her nefarious business dealing is gaining ground and brings no honour to the government benches.   Meloni meanwhile has been noticeably absent from parliament – she’s been glad handing all and sundry in her quest to keep immigration at the top of the news headlines, because there is precious little else to crow about. 

It may be that there will be a vote on a minimum wage next week – the right wing don’t want it – it’s better to tweak the tax system than give somebody a living wage – but then the politicians don’t work for 2.50 an hour.   Obviously, as its Italy where there’s a law there will be a getaround – so people who get a minimum wage will no doubt get part time contracts and work full time for the same pay packet.   

Author: rammers