leave of absence

I had to take a break, my pulse raced too much and i was just getting too angry with it all – so, given the fact that I cant even vote in Italy, I thought i would retire for a couple of weeks and let it all wash over me.    The big news of course is that naples is probably the most capitalist spot in the world.  Oh yes, those biodegradable plastic bags you pay a fortune for at the supermarket cost 12 euros per 100, but the old fashioned ones – (the ones that hang around like plutonium) cost a mere 7 euros per hundred.   So what the Neapolitans do?  – They make fake biodegradables and sell them at 8 euros per hundred.  Obviously being fake biodegradable they are actually just normal plastic bags but with ‘biodegradable’ printed on them in big letters.  You just have to hand it to naples – there is never an opportunity missed.

Author: rammers

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