Ruby Wednesday

3 excoriating stories to show the shame and disgrace of Italy’s politicians.1 – the Senate has decided to rescind the law banning the fascist party2 – the defence secretary tells the speaker of the house to F^*+ Off in the Chamber3- Its Ruby day, and Berlusconi is saved again by the majority voting that the case should be heard by the House of Commons.  This presuppose explicitly that Berlo really really thought that Ruby was the neice of Mubarak when he made the phonecall to get her out of the copshop.  All the other arguments are mere flannel.  For the House to have jurisdiction the Minister concerned had to act in an official capacity – ie to prevent a diplomatic incident, and not in a personal one – ie abuse of office.  It is patently obvious that B knew (and by his leaked phone calls it is even more obvious) and yet persists in a pathetic lie to convince people that he really thought the underage prostitute to whom he had given alot of money and jewels and had been to his house 17 times in 10 weeks – was the neice of a neighbouring country’s leader.  Perleeeease….  But the real humiliation is the servile pigs who are paid by B have voted in his defence – thereby affirming that they really believe that B was averting a diplomatic incident.  i hope they die of shame.

Author: rammers

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