Here we go…

‘The country needs me’ ‘I am besieged by requests that I return to the fray’ ‘Only I can save the country’.  Words uttered by Uncle Steptoe this very night, as he prepares to announce his candidacy yet again.   It’s time to take to the streets if you dont want Italy to become THE laughing stock of the world.

Italy is now 79th in the list of corrupt nations – down there with Tunisia.

SLipped in the decree of Development – a little comma missing which outlaws use of snow chains and insists that all Italians put on snow tyres in teh winter.  In Sicily.  Thats 400 euros for a tyre seller, and then Pirelli is no doubt a relative of someone in government – I suspect Italy is slipping down to 80th as we speak.

Author: rammers

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