wot no democracy?

The elections for the new President start today and behold – Bersani and Berlusconi have come to an agreement before they even begin.  FOr Marini – who failed spectacularly to get elected in Molise and is ‘acceptable’ only because he is so far inside the ‘machine’ that he must have cogs up his jacksy.   Renzi had the guts to say that he didnt think Marini should be Pres  – so now the PD has split wide open.

The M5S voted online for their candidate and voted for Milena Gabanelli – the best investigative journalist in Italy (see past posts) who is being lambasted by unpleasant politicians because she shows them up for what they are.  However, she turned it down – and the M5S now tout Rodota – who is acceptable to them, half the PD, SEL and even some on the right.  But he’s not Bersani’s choice so it wont get very far.

Thus far, this decrepit system of a ‘democratic’ election of a president by self serving politicians has just thrown up the usual suspects, and not one of them is really President material.  Something has to give – Italy is descending (what still?) into farce.

Author: rammers

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