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Poor presenile Silvio,  he cant remember what he said last week – so now we have a right to-do.  After the ignominy of being outmanouvred by Macchiavelli Renzi Silvio was close to tears.  So he had a think, ignored all his advisors, had lunch with his strange daughter Marina and came out fighting, going to his tv channels to warn us that Renzi’s way of doing politics could become ‘a type of dictatorship’.  Now, i hate to break it to Silvio that he set up a political party with his money, required unswerving brownnosed loyalty from his lackeys and when in power did exactly what he wanted, brooking no opposition and passing laws to benefit himself.   Perhaps He’d forgotten that, or perhaps he feels Matteo has outBerlo’d Berlo.   Anyway the upshot of all this is that Silvio has decied – completely unilaterally of course, – that FI – the sad remains of his party will ally itself with the ohter Matteo  – Salvini he of the despicable Lega Nord.  Which pulls the whole thing well over to the right, and which leaves a fair few lackeys feeling that Silvio has acted without consulting them.   And that of course means that the FI is shattering into a million fragments as various deputies now find a conscience and claim that they cannot just blindly do Silvio’s bidding – they have a pension to protect.

Of course the other page 1 news this week is that festival of mediocrity San Remo – where second rate singers witih thrid rate songs vie to represent Italy – in what I have no idea – its all sub Eurovision anyway.  So we have started the never ending pageant which this year is even more lacklustre than usual.  Imagine that teh height of interest is a joke made by a presenter about an obese child.

So there we have it – San Remo is the defining representation of Italy – invented in the 60’s and still living in the 60’s without a nod to the passing of 50 years.  Peddling schmaltz as an answer to real problems.  underrehearsed and badly produced, and with no discerbible talent other than wheeling out ageing artists who in truth, were never much cop in the first place.  It goes on too long and ends with a massively underwhelming climax.  Matteo – either of you – look to your laurels.

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