We’re doomed, doomed

Apparently yesterday lunchtime, the air was cloven  by a wailing and gnashing of gums – as Silvio reached the pit of despair.   For Silvio no longer has control of his destiny, the destiny which was to have his private mausoleum visited by a line of wellwishers into eternity, a bridge to Sicily bearing his name, and a family name more respected than the Pope.   Poor Mr toad, he should perhaps have looked at the Princess Diana burial island and museum which failed to take into account the short memories of people and how fickle life and death can be.   For yesterday, all his troubles came home to roost in one morning.

Firstly on a political level, Toad sent in the commissioners to the the Forza Italia offices in Puglia.   A last ditch attempt to pull the rug out from under the young pretender Raffaele Fitto’s feet, it all went pearshaped when all 9 regional officers resigned on the spot – taking with them going on 200.000 votes for Silvios party, and relegating it to a total wipeout at teh regional elections in the spring.   With Forza Italia shattering into a million pieces Mr Toad needed some good news on the home front.   EVen whispers that arch loyalist and soon to be tried Denis VErdini may be thinking of jumping ship cannot be silenced, as now the only vocal supporter of Silvio is the diminutive stump of an ego, Brunetta – who went off to meet the new President of the Republic on his own and to make the case for being nice to Silvio.

Uncle Steptoes travails dont end there however.  He is due to regain his ‘Sir’ness and political freedom on 7 march when his social work comes to an end at the alzheimers home where he has been torturing residents for the last 9 months.  Except that there’s a problem.  It seems, surprise surprise, that the forces of law have discovered that Silvio is still paying off the prostitutes who went to his elegant dinners, and is still giving Ruby Ruby wodges of 15000 euros in cash whenever she asks for it – which has made the prosecutors think that perhaps Silvio has been buying their silence and false testimony.  And this is a problem for Silvio as it could a) turn over the original absolution in the first Ruby trial, b) bring on Ruby 3 – a trial for false testimony and buying off witnesses and c) reopen Ruby 2 as to who knew Ruby was an underage prostitute – none of which is going to help Silvio.  Especially as he has 2 more trials to come – buying off MPs with million euro bribes and more tax evasion and funny business in his companies.     perhaps you can see a pattern here that Silvio’s lawyers have failed to spot – and that is whenever he is in trouble uncle Steptoe flashes the cash and hopes to get away with it – except that now, perhaps the game is up.

More gnashing of gums to come  ….

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