The saga of poor Calabria continues.  The second appointee (see previous post) lasted a grand total of 3 days before leaving his post, after spouting more no maskery.   He was replaced by a university rector, who lasted a mere 12 hours by my reckoning, announcing the morning after the night before that his wife had no intention of moving to Calabria and so he was staying put to save his marriage.   Now we are on the 4th candidate, and there seem to be no takers.

Almost unconnected to the naked eye – a slew of arrests this morning (20 in all) including the the head of the Consiglio Regionale, Domenico Tallini for mafia crimes.  The charges against the Forza Italia member include votes for money, detention of arms, extorsion, receiving, and violence and threats against public officials.      It’s all connected with ‘farmabusiness’  where the Ndrangheta started a business dealing in medical supplies in Calabria and elsewhere.   All of this in a region where 18 hospitals have closed in the last couple of years, and the level of healthcare is pitiful.   Becoming the head of Calabria health is not only a poisoned chalice, but also leaves you open to being murdered.   You can understand why there’s not a queue of candidates.


Author: rammers